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The house around a window.

Berghof, the mountain residence of Hitler, situated near Berchtesgaden (also close to Salzburg, but in Bavaria, on the German side), is known for its beautiful setting. It is located high in the Bavarian Alps, 500 meters above a medieval township, and neighbors the residencies of all top of the 3rd Reich, including Herman Georing and Martin Bormann. The view from the salon would literally take the breath away of any visitors. Obviously the knowledge that Adolf personally selected the very place only adds to the enjoyment of the experience. 
Hitler would immediately modestly tell his amazed guests:
".. I simply built a house around a window." Hitler regarded himself as a great architect and artist. And the window was truly amazing. If the weather was good, it could be lowered down, and then the panoramic view would be unobstructed. On the right hand side, behind the pass, Hitler could see his beloved Austria. 

And here is the residence in its entire mountainous majesty:






Until dark times befell the Thousand-year Reich. 
In April 1945, Hitler's residence, as well as the residencies of his henchmen, were bombed. 

In April 1952, to mark the anniversary of the suicide of Hitler, the entire complex was blown up, and forest was planted over the area.  



The region of Berchtesgaden, has for a long time been an all year tourist haven. Apart from its location, the fame of the place personally chosen by Hitler for his residence is very good for the local economy. 




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