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The Polish bicycle trip around New Zealand.

Adrianna Skurosz, a student at the local University, and Jakub Postrzygacz, a student at the Jagellonian University were thinking of something interesting to do - and they went ahead and did it. They rode around New Zealand on bicycle in the first Polish bicycle expedition in New Zealand. They came to New Zealand by plane, and traveled from one island to the other by ferry, but apart from that, all 6000 km over very difficult, usually mountainous roads, they traversed on four wheels (2 x 2), over two months. They met many interesting people, took many photos and collected academic materials on the subject of the role of Poles in todays life of Kiwiland. 

The reports from their travels, well illustrated, describe New Zealand life not in a way that could be done by the average tourist, but by people interested in the real life of the locals as well as the nature of the country that they are visiting. These can be found on their Internet page, and are worth a look

This is the route taken by them: 

It's wonderful that this form of tourism still exists. 



The final result of this honeymoon is still being awaited…




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