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A usefulness of champagne.

A true man of fashion tells his servants to clean his shoes with champagne froth, not any sparkling wine, but good quality champagne. Also, it is important to clean both the shoe upper as well as the sole. Shirts need to be changed three times a day and sent away to the country for cleaning so that they will smell of country hay rather than detergent. The choice of, and the correct knot of a tie, must be personally taken care of by the man of fashion, and can take up to three whole hours. This was at least how George "Beauty" Brummel (1778 - 1840)  regarded his role as arbiter of elegance. George was a personal friend of the Prince of Wales, and a favourite of the London salons at the start of the XIX century. Unfortunately, maybe it was due to the fact that the froth made up such a small part of a bottle, or that the shoes were so long that they reached the knee, but beautiful George was always in debt. Sometimes his friends had to bail him out of jail, and he eventually had to escape from England to get away from his creditors. He died poor and dirty with complete disregard for fashion, in an almshouse for the poor in Caen, France. He lived his last few years in the past, with no contact with the real world. 




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