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Justice on the floor.

Shortly after the American Army entered into Baghdad (11.04.03), the battalion under the command of Lieutenant olonel Rick Schwarts received a specific order: to destroy the picture of George Bush (the Father), the President of the United States of America. The soldiers willingly got to work, although there was something of blasphemy in it. After a few hours, the beautiful mosaic was nothing but a heap of rubble. 

The huge portrait was laid down in 1991 and composed of coloured tiles - it was a magnificent example of tiling work - and was placed in a promienent place in the hotel Al-Rashid, where overseas guests and reporters usualy stayed. Everyone saw it, and everyone also had to walk over it. Vladimir Zhirinovski did this with emphasis, stepped onto Bush's Adam's apple and condemned the American aggression. Scott Ritter, somehow managed to walk around the edges in 1998, and Hans Blix, the last inspector, and the director of the International Atomic Energy Orgaanisation Mohammed ElBaradei are walking across it at this very moment, and the President is baring his teeth. The caption beneath the picture reads, both in English and Arabic "Bush is criminal". 

The touching of the head with a shoe, and trampling over the head of the monument, is especially offensive in Muslim tradition. This was seen in the behaviour of the crowds of Saddams former followers after the Americans entered into Baghdad. But justice prevailed in the end - the press proudly announced that in the very place of the portrait, the face of Saddam Hussein was placed. But unfortunately no photos are available. 

When I was in my third year of primary school, Helcia drew a picture of Irka on the blackboard with "stupid Irka" as a caption, as Helcia wooed Kazik, who was in love with Irka. At this, Irka went up to the blackboard, rubbed out her portrait, quickly drew a picture of Helcia and wrote "stupid Helcia". 
When the teacher - Miss Paustjan - entered the class, she told us to clean the blackboard and then the class started. 





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