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Johann Sebastian Bach, the Murderer.

It is well known that amphetamines, speed, whizz, etc., go well with loud music. But this combination can be extremely dangerous, even life threatening, as experiments on mice have proven. Amphetamines themselves can be harmful, although they increase an individual's confidence and give the impression of greater mental power. However they also have other side effects. They can bring on an irregular heart beat, sweats, shivers, and finally a coma. They are very addictive and as a 'hard' drug, in Poland they are illegal. But this is only an introduction. Already in the 1940's it was shown that mice that had fed amphetamines and then annoyed by beating against their cage, reacted to the effects of noise in a much more severe fashion.

Currently, there is no doubt that Johann Sebastian Bach can have deadly effects. At the Oxford University experiments were carried out on mice according to the art of experimentation. The control mice, as well as the mice treated with amphetimines, were forced to listen to loud repetitive music (such as The Prodigy), Bach's violin concerto in A Minor, and so called white noise, one  group was simply left in peace.

The control mice, exposed to the noise, simply went to sleep. However, the drugged mice began to tremble, and moved their noses in rhithms to the music. A couple of the mice that were listening to 'The Prodigy' as well as some that were forced to listen to Bach simply died. The volume of the noise during the experiment was set at about 75 dB, which is not higher than what would be experienced by those frequenting nightclubs, or even listening to music in their own car. 

There is no doubt - that the combination of amphetamines and loud music can have deadly effects. The damage to the brain done by doses of amphetamines are much more serious if accompanied by loud music. 

It is also interesting to note that the researchers carrying out these experiments were met with anger from various organizations and even received an official rebuke from their Ministry. The issue of the poor mice attracted a lot more attention than the issue of youngsters taking drugs in nightclubs. Maybe rightly so, they are doing it of their own free will and when they later become a burden on the rest of society.. that's a whole different issue. Let the institutions that are responsible for the rehabilitation of drug addicts worry about that. The mice were forced into the experiments, hence their free will was violated. 




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