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Kalasznikow and his  remorse. 

Kalasznikow is a live symbol of the weaponry that has overtaken the world. Over 100 million  kalashnikovs  kill people all over the world, succesfully and unfailingly. Every original gun can shoot 10 000 bullets before it gets out of order. It is easy to work out that even only with kalashes, all of humanity can be killed a few times over. 

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, who is now 84, began to have remorse about the fact that his name is always connected with deadly weapon. He decided that he needed rehabilitation, and… signed a cooperation contract with a German firm producing umbrellas. Ladies and distinguished gentlemen will now be able to walk down the street peacefully with a 'kalashes'. 

The Russians have made a lot of money on the production of kalashes, and others, where they could. It can be noted, merely as an interesting fact, that the Palestinian terrorists, that became famous by capturing the Italian ship the "Achile Lauro" in 1985, were armed with kalashes from Poland. Hopefully, not unpaid... 


The standard model of the 'kalash' is the AK-47 (Avtomat kalashnikow),

but other models are also available, such as the one found by an American soldier in Baghdad on the 3rd of April 2003. It was a golden gun, engraved with 

"A present from President Saddam Hussein". 

I wonder what one has to do to receive such a present and how much damage such a weapon has done..



The press has just announced that the the murderer of a passanger on board the "Achile Lauro" was captured in Baghdad. Isn't the world small! 



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