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Love pays. 

A scientist of the name F. Steiniger, most likely inspired by the vision of the WWII carried  out a cruel, but very educational experiment out about 50 years ago. The experiment consisted of placing about 15 rats, which previously did not know each other, together in one cage. 

Initially, the animals, scared and shy all hid in the corners and avoided each other. If they did meet by chance, they would bare their teeth and hiss at each other. Gradually some of the males came to realize that there were some attractive females in the group of strangers, and the flirting began. The first pair to fall in love began to take full advantage of their situation. After this the lovers began hunting the other inhabitants of the cage with quite the upper hand. They supported each other, ganged up on the other animals and essentially waged war on them. The 'married' female stood out remarkably in her displays of courage - she would throw herself at her unsuspecting friends and would gracefully bite through their main artery causing death. The remaining rats in the cage all also died wither due to infections in smaller wounds or due to stress.

At the end of the experiment, all that was left was the initial pair of lovers, successfully and happily repopulating the cage with their own offspring. The first conclusion - one should pick up girls. The second conclusion - its worthwhile to have a loving life partner. Not only if you're a rat. 




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