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Let's love blondes, as long as they are around.

According to the predictions of social forecasters, blondes are a species that are becoming extinct. Features such as blonde hair, blue eyes, and short height are governed by recessive genes, and their relative rarity amongst humans means that they will be gradually taken over by dominant genes. Blondes are likely to survive the longest in Finland, where currently there are greatest numbers of them. The last blonde will be seen there in the year 2202, so we should hurry up and make the most of it while we can!

While we're on the topic, we can explain why it is that blondes are so attractive to so many men. It is due to the implacable selfish gene. Having children with a blonde gives a man a greater guarantee that his genes will be passed on to a larger number of ofsprings and this is exactly what the selfish gene is all about. This subconscious reasoning of gene domination by men is so deep, that although blondes are highly sought after as partners, they are often overlooked in professional terms. It turns out that a blonde has less chance of a professional career and an adequate salary than a brunette of the same qualifications. So we have to love blondes as long as we can, and the more we love them ('effective love', it is what I mean), the longer we will put off the extinction of their recessive genes, which make our life so beautiful. 

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