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The huge little one.

At its birth, it already weighed 3000 kilograms (literally three thousand kilograms). It spent over a year in its mommy's tummy, and shortly after leaving the birth passage of its mother  it took a huge breath using its nasal opening for the first time and, expelling it in a fountain measuring some meters, sort of like a giant sneeze into the world. 

The mother is also not small. She weighs about 150 000 kg (literally one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms). The father on the other hand is unknown. He played his part and disappeared, as it often happens. Some well informed people say that he was smaller. Maybe he had a complex because of this, and that is the reason for him running away. 

The mother, though, has a huge heart. It weighs about 700 kgs, but her tongue is even bigger. Her tongue weighs five times more than her heart. I don't even want to think about what it's like when she laps it. The mother is also of a unusual appearance. She has a nearly even covering of fat all over her body, which is a sure indicator of beauty - of a thickness of 50 cm (that's right, 50cm of fat all over her whole body). And her skin - incredible, smooth, glistening, of a beautiful blue colour, as if she was actually blue blooded. On top of all of this - she is an incredible singer. Sometimes, when she starts, she will sing non-stop for two days and two nights. And her voice carries exceptionally well. It can be up to 160, even 200 dB. The noise created by a jet engine is roughly 120 dB, and the loudest shout is about 128 dB, a 150dB level causes serious pain in humans (the intensity of sound is measured in decibels, which is a logarithmic scale where an increment of ten represents a ten times greater strength - compared to a jet, she is thousands times louder!).

One can imagine how beautiful she must be in the eyes of her baby which has all life capabilities from the beginning (besides of  breeding). The mother is incredibly powerful, but also very delicate and caring towards her baby, just like any mother. When she breathes, the steam rises to a height of 5 stories (15 meters). When she decides to go somewhere for a meal, for example if she hears that some hundreds kilometers off the coast of New Zealand, she can get a meal of krill, she can reach speeds up to 40 km per hour, which is a huge feat in a water environment. 

To sum up - our friend is the largest mother of all times, never before has there been a bigger one, and there probably will never be, as her species is becoming extinct. Of course we are talking about Miss Balaenoptera musculus (blue whale), an inhabitant of the great oceans. 



Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)



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