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The stubborn, musical humpback. 

Nobody knows why in October of 1985,a huge whale of the Balaenidae family, also known as the humpback whale (Megaptera novoaengliae) swam under the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, through the bay and stubbornly continued up the Sacramento River. Whales normally don't tend to do this. 

It caused a enormous sensation as the creature was huge (they can reach up to 18 metres in length, weigh about 30 tones, and it's fins alone can measure up to 4 meters) and quite rare. On top of this, the animal is strictly protected, and such a journey seemed very suicidal. Everyone who could help in any way to get the whale back to the ocean was put on alert. They were all ready, the academics, witches, conjurers, parapsychologists, certain army units, the police as well as many fans in search of a thrill. They tried everything, they made noise, turned on ships sirens, shouted and finally they broadcast through loudspeakers the sounds of the greatest enemy of the whale, the killer whale (Orcinus orca). Nothing seemed to work, the stubborn whale carried on its travels. This was until the director of the Sea Mammal Laboratory of Kewal stumbled upon an idea to use a cunning trick instead of force or fear. 

Simply behind the back of the whale, the voice of another whale was played which had been previously recorded in the Alaskan Sea. After a while the humpback stopped, listened to the song of its brother, and turned around. For the next seven hours it followed, like a puppy dog, the ship that was broadcasting the songs. The entire drama lasted 21 days, and the animal had swum 50 miles up the Sacramento River before deciding to turn around. 

I should also add that humpbacks are known for their musical talent, and their ability to sing beautiful songs. They can sing tirelessly all day and night and not get bored. This is not surprising, as the musical creations of the humpback whale are of the highest class. I don't know of any other inhabitants of this earth with such subtle abilities, well maybe apart from Kiri Te Kanawa.. 
So in essence, it was not force or strength but cunning based on music that saved the giant. And so it should be, as the number of these beautiful creatures is dramatically falling. 

One can hear the beautiful sounds of the humpback at the following sites: 
or here: (the original site)



Here a young mother (12 m), helps one of her young (4.3 m) to its first breath. This must be done immediately after birth, otherwise the little one will drown.



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