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The perfect bra.

The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is known for its numerous uses in the tropics. It is a priceless local building material, its fruit has great nutritional value, thread, mats, ropes and water containers can all be produced from it. Even coconut pearls can be found in its fruits, and surprise-surprise , the fruit also has uses in the area of lingerie.

The beautiful girls in Rarotonga (an island in the Cook's Archipelago, a self governing territory of New Zealand), sew for themselves, or rather, they thread together the shells of the fruit to make a beautiful bra. Such a bra has many advantages. It is indestructible, it creates a good shape (which I am told is very important), it is easy to clean (it is enough to put it out onto an anthill), in some ways it can even be used as a defence, if one needed protection in this region of such a climate. 

Not being pedantic about certain biological facts (that it is not a nut, but a stone fruit, and that it is not a shell, but an endocarp), altogether it looks quite beautiful. 

The palm itself is a biological wonder - it has a tall, straight trunk which can reach up to 25-30 meters which ends in a huge plume of leaves of up to 6 m long. The coconuts are large fruits weighing up to 8 kg and measuring up to 25 cm in diameter. They can survive incredibly well in salt water, they can germinate on coastal beaches and live through long trips across the oceans in search of islands and atols where they can begin to grow. 

Nowadays, coconuts are readily available in Poland. I wonder is anyone has thought of making coconut bras for Polish ladies?





(C) (selected from publications of 
 R. Antoszewski

Titirangi, Auckland, 
New Zeland

Jan.  2003

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