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Mozart and eggs.

On some farm near Mannhein, Germany, 3000 hens were chosen, placed in a coup and Mozarts violin concert was played to them for 14 days and nights. After this, all of the eggs that had been laid were carefully counted and it was declared... that the hens laid the same number of eggs regardless of whether music was played or not. This is odd... I know for a fact that if I was forced to listen to, even Chopin, for 14 days and nights, I still would not lay a single egg.  
This experiment was carried out in honour of the Mannheim Mozart Festival which was underway at the time. In a sense, the experiment was a success – all of the eggs were sold at the festival to the visitors, and furthermore, they were quite adamant that the musical (musikalized?) eggs were much tastier than non-musical eggs.

The Mozart experiment was not without a theoretical background. In America, it has been thought for a long time, that the music of Mozart is incredibly powerful. It supposedly raises the intelligence level of children. There is even a special Mozart ‘guru’ who makes money from selling Mozart records especially for children (the set is comprised of ten records, - this includes 6 for children, 3 for toddlers, and one record is especially for expecting mothers - for their foetus). In the states of Georgia and Tennessee, every newborn receives a Mozart record as a start to its intellectual life.

I guess that we can conclude from this, that German hens have a different mentality to Americans, at least in their reception of Mozart's music.



Mozart (1756 - 1791) was an infant prodigy, he played piano and violin at age three. The XVIII c. illustration (slightly changed!) shows the genius accompanied by his father. 



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 R. Antoszewski

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Jan.  2003

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