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Services that cannot be resisted.

The following is a list of services and comforts that are offered by recently opened hotels in some American cities:

Hydrotherapy pools,
Gymnasiums full of modern equipment,
Beauty salons for both genders,
Apartments with satelite television, classical music and art exhibitions,
Kitchens for choosy food conniseuers,
The services of an accupuncturist and chiropractor,
Therapeutic mud baths with mud especially imported from the Dead Sea,
Electrically warmed beds, and
Herbal flea collars.

All of this for only US $230 per dog, which is left in the care of the hotel staff, all of whom have the highest qualifications and who work with the utmost dedication and love. The services of the "Olde Town Pet Resort" are worth a look, if one is away on holiday for a certain period, or on a business trip. There is nothing more damaging for the psyche of a dog than a lack of comfort and accupuncture. 





(C) (selected from publications of 
 R. Antoszewski

Titirangi, Auckland, 
New Zeland

Jan.  2003

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