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Denmark, as an old colonial state, looks after the safety and sovereignty of their former colony that is Greenland.

A special unit of the Danish Navy, under the name of 'Sirius' was called upon to empoer. The task of Sirius was to:
1. Protect Danish sovereignty in the north and north-east of Greenland.
2. To ensure the policing of the Greenland National Park, the largest of its type of nature reserve in the world.
3. To provide army control over the entire territory.

The command of 'Sirius' had its station in the north-east of Greenland, also the location of a weather station.

'Sirius' looks after an enormous area of 160 000 square kilometers (roughly half the size of Poland). The unit is equipped with modern communication technologies and is totally self-sufficient. The main form of transport is a dog sled, which are internally repaired, should the need arise. Similarly, the dogs are internally, within reason, cross bred without the help of the army command. 

In this unit, there are twelve soldiers, not counting dogs and sleds, of course. This translates to over 13 000 square kilometers for each soldier to patrol!



'Sirius' in action.



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