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The cannon plow. 

Once again in Polish history we are defenders of Christianity; it is worthwhile to consider the means that have been used to defend this great cause.

In eighteenth century America, when the settlers were pushing towards the west and needed to be prepared for all kinds of surprises, and simultaneously work/harvest the land for bread, a very useful tool was invented, the so-called 'plough-cannon'. This contraption device is presented in the drawing. One can see a shaft acting simultaneously as the barrel of the cannon. When the settler saw impending Indians, he unharnessed his horses, and but he did not light the fuse. The fuse was to light itself from the burning arrows that the Indians had a habit of shooting the settlers with. 

In this way, the puritans had a clear conscience, but the end result was the same.

In our case it was never so simple. The Mongolian influx from the east did not rain burning arrows onto the brave defenders of our border. The defenders had to shoot all by themselves, and to do this legally, they had to do so in uniform or at least wear an army cap. Otherwise, if they were to fall into enemy hands, they would not be bound by the laws regarding war prisoners. What a shitty situation (see Guantanamo).



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 R. Antoszewski

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Jan.  2003

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